International Reporter (IR) is a Norwegian non-profit organization working to improve the quality, diversity and awareness in the Norwegian media coverage of international affairs.

International Reporter’s work is aimed primarily at journalists, but we also hope to be a source of knowledge and inspiration for other professionals working with international affairs.

Facts about International Reporter:

  • International Reporter was established in 1987 as the Forum for Development Journalism by scholars at the Norwegian School of Journalism, along with a group of researchers and journalists.
  • We are an independent, non-profit organization.
  • Our activities include seminars and talks (most held in Oslo), an annual journalism prize (Internasjonal Reporters Journalistpris) and this website.
  • The organization is run on a volunteer basis, mainly by the board members. We have no employees.
  • International Reporter’s board consists of eight members with experience from both journalism and NGO-work.

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If you have any questions about International Reporter, feel free to contact the chairperson of the board, Maria Lavik.